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Nick McNeil, NY Giants
Former Western Carolina Univ. Linebacker 2003 (Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins)
Coach Matt Rhule
Head Coach , Temple University (OL Coach N.Y. Giants 2012-2013)
Coach Cary Godette
Former NFL and College Coach (Cardinals, Dolphins, Panthers, NC State, Rutgers, and ECU) 
Coach Geoff Collins
Defensive Coordinator, University of Florida ( Miss St. 2010-2015, Recruiting Coordinator/LB  UCF 08-09, Recruiting Coordinator for FIU 2010, Alabama 07, Georgia Tech 05-06)
"Coleman helped during my off seasons when I was in the NFL. "Cole" understands the game and more importantly he understands what it takes to develop the techniques and skills required not only on the collegiate level but also in the NFL. For 4 years I would ask for his expertise to help prepare me for the following year. There are many things that Coleman brought to the table that helped me as a player. Football is more than being strong, more than being fast, more than being able to make tackles or catch passes for that matter. It’s the little things that separate good players from great ones, keep that in mind. As an NFL linebacker, I understood that there are many little things that go in to developing a players true ability, such as hand placement, body position, explosiveness, and my personal favorite...footwork (as well as others obviously). These are just a few things that Coleman was able to help me polish and get better with. I am absolutely sure that if he was able to help me become a better athlete than he can definitely help you!! To all of you partaking in Cary Coaching Precision... congratulations because you have just taken the first step into seeing what its like to work like a professional athlete. Remember to train hard and begin to master your craft. If you are serious about becoming a better player and developing your abilities; take a step in the right direction...CCP. I did. Nothing good ever came easy. Keep in mind this is for serious athletes only!"

"It is really a blessing when young people are able to harness their ability through instruction, technique, and ultimately discipline.  Then and only then can they truly be prepared for and take full advantage of the opportunities before them. Coleman, your web page is an awesome tool for people to develop their potential and as a result take advantage of their opportunities."

"Coleman is doing a great service teaching young people at an early age the basic fundamentals of football. The development of these skills the correct way will enhance their abilities and allow them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential."
"Coleman, Your web-page is LEGIT!!! Any high school athlete that needs help with this recruiting process should actively seek your advice..."

Rob Fronk, NCSU
Apex High School 2009, TE
"When I first came to Chavar and Coleman I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When Coach Davis told me to work out with them before going to Hargrave, I really didn't think it would be very difficult or much to it. I was wrong. Chavar and Coleman challenged me as a man throughout our workouts. I had never been pushed as hard as they pushed me last summer, and I am truly grateful that they did. Since there were a limited number of guys that would come to workout, there were no breaks...at all. Chavar and Coleman were always there constantly forcing me to push myself past my comfort zone. From running sprints, 400's, cone drills, ladder drills, and pushing the sled, they were always there to push me. Words really can't express how much they helped and mean to me. They came to help me, someone that they didn't even know, get better on their own time. Nobody was forcing them to be there, they simply did it because they are good men and I am very thankful for them. Not only did they help me to become better as a player and as an athlete, but they also made me a better man."
Eric Albright, UNC
Cardinal Gibbons High School 2010, TE
"Cary Coaching Precision motivated me every day to work up to my full potential in order to become the best football player I could be. Their positive motivation and influence made me actually enjoy pushing myself to the limits. Their dedication to making you a better athlete and football player is incomparable, and I have not come across another coach that has been as dedicated and motivating as Cary Coaching Precision, on any level! Not only did Cary Coaching Precision give me the fuel I needed to work hard, but the results came as well. I put on over 20 pounds of muscle, and my speed and quickness got noticeably better. Cary Coaching Precision put me a step ahead physically while playing high school football, and ultimately prepared me for the next level of Division I college football."
Matt Milner, ECU
Cardinal Gibbons High School 2009, DE
“Cary Coaching Precision pushed me to the limits and prepared me both physically and mentally to perform at my best, at the next level.”
Terrell Hartsfield, University of Cincinnati
Wake Forest Rolesville High School 2010, LB 
"My experience with Cary Coaching was a great experience. Chavar and Coleman helped me and a handful of others by training, and getting us ready for the next level. Cary Coaching Precision really got me ready physically and mentally for the next level step. The workouts were tough, but as long as you push yourself it all works out for you. I started out with one full scholarship to NC State and now I am committed to Texas Tech University . I want to thank Cary Coaching Precision for all of the training and their support."
Brandon Hunter, Appalachian State
Carrboro High School 2009, OG 

" This is a great program which I am privileged to have been a part of. The coaches know what they are doing and can prepare you to play football at any level, and kids of all ages. It is hard work that pays off in the end as well. I advise you not to join if you are not serious and passionate about the game of football."
Terrance Hackney, Bethune Cookman (Ole Miss)
Pittsboro Northwood High School 2009, OT
"Coach Chavar and Cary Coaching helped me at the end of my junior and senior seasons in high school.... getting me ready for Hargrave Military Academy and pushing me to the limits every workout session. Striving for the best everytime helped me excel on the Hargrave team gaining many blessings,one of which was a scholarship to Ole Miss. So I can truly say that Cary Coaching has helped me as a person and my football career."
Coach Marco Butler
Defensive Backs/ Special Teams Coordinator, Norfolk State University

"It was a blessing to have met Coach Coleman and his staff. They provided me with information that would not only help my son who is a Division 1 football player but also many other student athletes that I mentor. If it were not for Coach Coleman's program and knowledge I would have not been as encouraged to check behind the schools to make sure things were properly done academically. In doing research I found that my son's transcripts did not reflect his true grades which could have caused serious problems had it not been caught. Coach Coleman talked with me and my son in the spring semester of his freshman year. Two years later my son was one of the highly recruited tight ends in the country." Chris Wilson, Father of Chris Burton
Chris Burton, University of Cincinnati
George Washington HS 2013, DE
"It is imperative now that athletes take academics serious. The NCAA has implemented the Academic Performance Rate (APR), which forces all College Football Coaches to really evaluate a student athlete’s academic background when recruiting them. Students must be eligible with enough hours each year to compete. If they are not eligible, the institution can be penalized with a loss of scholarships or post-season play. When dealing with Coleman Tyrance at Hargrave Military he really assisted all of the athletes there to make sure they would be eligible to continue their college playing ability at a 4 year institution. Being a former athlete he related well with the students there, and helped them understand what was needed to achieve their goal. At first when looking at athletes now, the first thing I ask about is their transcript. You can be the greatest player in the country, but if your academics are not in order, I would be forced to look at the next guy. Hopefully, future football players will look at their academics strongly and combine it with their great play on the field. It is my experience that if a guy is doing well in the classroom, it would also transfer onto the field."
"PROVEN WINNERS ON AND OFF THE FIELD! Cary Coaching Precision is a great organization and ran by to awesome guys/friends. They are in the business for the same reason many of us are...not the money, BUT helping kids better themselves and be able to succeed in life. Coleman & Chavar not only teach football fundamentals, but ACADEMIC fundamentals to help prepare for NCAA Eligibility, and life fundamentals that help young men grow. I always enjoy working with them and their organization. The players I work with that come from them are ahead of the game!"
Coach Scott McConnell
Head Coach, Jireh Prep
"I have known Coleman Tyrance since the beginning of my coaching career while he was an assistant coach at Hargrave Military Academy’s post graduate program. It was my pleasure to recruit this school and look for future student athletes to help our program. In my short coaching career, I have realized that there are plenty of opportunities to play college football with BCS all the way down to NAIA and Division III. Many kids have the talent, but fall short in academic concerns. They pose as risks to many recruiters with the harsh penalties in terms of APR. A good reason I am familiar with this is because these are the points that Coleman preached to his athletes while he coached. Hargrave always takes kids that they know they can get into college football programs in terms of athletic ability, and then the coaching staff spent the remainder of the time molding the student athletes into adults that could handle the rigors of college academics. I actually had the pleasure of recruiting a couple of kids out of high school that went to play for Coach Tyrance at Hargrave. They were highly athletic kids coming out of high school, but failed to meet academic standards that the NCAA had set. I remember two in particular. One was from a school that we had already signed a kid out of the year before, and the high school Coach would not even give me one positive thing to say about the kid. The other actually spent a year after high school with a full time job. Both kids enrolled at Hargrave, played for Coach Tyrance, and ended up at FBS schools. Their futures were completely changed because of the values and academic habits that Coach Tyrance instilled in these young men; not to mention they improved as football players as well. There have been many others in the short tenure Coach Tyrance had there that have gone on to have success, and I can honestly say that a kid under the tutelage of Coach Tyrance is going to achieve his maximum potential in the classroom. I trust Coach Tyrance’s word as a peer in the same profession and I am proud to say that I recommend Coach Tyrance as a person of dedication and honesty to the development of young kids into men."
Coach George Handler
Tight Ends Coach,VMI
Coach Troy Davis
Assistant Head Coach, East Coast Prep Academy (Head Coach 2009-2013 Hargrave Military Academy Post Grad, Defensive Coordinator 2002-2005 St. Francis Univ., PA
"I have had the opportunity of knowing Coleman Tyrance for the past 15 years, interacting with him as one of my former players and being on my staff as assistant coach at the Nation’s best Post Graduate Prep program in the country. Coach Tyrance has been able to masterfully maneuver his way down the fine line of being a coach and being a parent. His knowledge of Football (team concepts, drills, techniques, plays, NCAA 48H-core breakdown, NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility process, etc.) coupled with his understanding of how to communicate and motivate kids has enabled him to be in a position of respected coach and trusted mentor to many kids. His knowledge of everything, from how to run a practice to understanding what a high school student athlete needs to do to be on track academically to meet NCAA college requirements, will be an invaluable resource for any parent/coach involved in high sports. Coach Tyrance experience with college coaches through out the country makes him a good evaluator. His ability to teach networking, while building genuine relationships throughout the profession, is the one thing that all aspiring coaches need."

"Cary Coaching Precision is great. I was a hard worker in the classroom and I was pushed to limits working with Coach Chavar and Coach Coleman. They definitely give a new face to training and take coaching to a new level. Academics, power strength training, football drills, and speed is tough competition to match."
Isaiah Moore, Western Carolina Univ.
Garner High School 2010, CB
Jarran Reed, University of Alabama
Goldsboro High School 2011, DT
"In high school I wasn't really focused on the importance of academics. It hurt me badly with recruiting and schools of my dreams. Coach Tyrance saw something in me besides my talent. When I went to Hargrave Military Academy I found the importance of academics and how much of a role it played with me continuing with my football career. The foundation of my academics will make me be able to sustain in the real world. Coach Tyrance was my defensive line coach and was the one I was the closest with. He always made sure I stayed on track in the classroom and on the field, always preached the importance of an education and being educated."
"My first encounter with Cary Coaching Precision was at the Football Food Drive and Showcase the summer of 2011 before I did a post-grad season at Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia. I had already met Coach Coleman by him being the Defensive Line coach there, and Chavar for attending and helping out at the tryout I attended at Hargrave. The football food drive was a great learning experience with both Coleman and Chavar having great knowledge from playing and coaching experiences, as well as the other coaches who participated there. Above all else academics were stressed greatly, as that is the key to getting to the next level. Take it from someone who has taken the Junior College route: if someone doesn't qualify in high school, there is not a lot of academic support in junior college to help them qualify there! I would tell any parent or child that wants to be a better student athlete to call them now. They have the knowledge, respect, and contacts. Keep up the good work Coach Cole and Chavar and Go Heels!"
Will Dancy, UNC
Southern Alamance High School 2011, OG
"Cary Coaching Precision was exactly what Ryan needed to get to the next level. Ryan was a good ball player and had good grades. Imagine our surprise to find that there were lots of boys in the same boat. Coach Coleman asked for a transcript, and provided introductions to the coaches we needed to talk to. He was quick to say which schools were a good fit, and which weren't. He provided the one-on- one skills coaching we needed, but also went further as a mentor and a friend. As a result, Ryan graduated from high school a two year captain, but also with a 4.3 GPA. He went to Presbyterian College to play Division I football on a full scholarship." Suzanne Brown, Mother of Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, Presbyterian College
Hargrave Military Academy High School 2013, DE
Nigel Cawthon, Hampton University
Hargrave Military Academy High School 2012, DT

"I graduated with high academic standings from Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, VA. I was an all state football player as well as a wrestling state champion. Now I attend Hampton University  on football athletic scholarship. In the summer I work with Coach Coleman along with other devoted athletes. As a  college athlete, you have to work above your own beliefs. Coach Coleman works to keep my goal in mind of being a student first and being a skillful defensive lineman."
​"Coach Coleman and I met when I attended Hargrave Military Academy from 2010-2011. From day one Coach Coleman always emphasized to me that taking care of the academic side of things is equally as important as your work on the football field. During study halls he would encourage me to do my best work, and on the field he would bring out the best effort in me. I always enjoyed listening to what he had to say on and off the field as his knowledge of the game and football experiences were always insightful. I attended Hargrave to raise my overall grade point average, as well as receive a scholarship to play college football, and Coach Coleman’s role in me achieving these goals were pivotal. He was a motivating factor in my life at the early age that kept me motivated, hungry and humble. I was blessed to have him in my corner and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should not pass it up!"
Nate Morris, Stonehill College
Wheeler High School 2010, CB